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The Bar Method Works!

I am not a testimonial giving person, so for me to agree to write a testimonial about any product or service, that product or service must absolutely be stellar.  And that is what The Bar Method is to me, Absolutely Stellar.

I found the Bar Method studio a little over a year ago.  I read the literature and read about the studio and its founder online.  I was intrigued and wanted to try it

since I was closing in on 190 lbs, I was desperately seeking a workout place that would not bore me after a few classes and I would once again give up.

I signed up for 1 class, liked it and signed up for another class and finally signed up for the introductory special, 30days unlimited classes for $100. I was seeing muscle definition in my arms within 3 days even under all the poundage I was carrying around, and I was not bored!

Within 3 months, I was seeing amazing changes in my body and my posture improved.  My pants and shirts were becoming looser and looser on me as the inches were melting away. I was absolutely ecstatic that I could start fitting into clothes that I had not worn in years!  I also play tennis and golf and The Bar Method translated into better performance for me in these sports and I even took up running again!

The Bar Method would not work without the dedication, body knowledge, professionalism and friendliness of the owner Denise, the instructors and staff who daily contribute to your success.

The Bar Method Works! Without a doubt!

6-Vita after

“Within 3 months, I was seeing amazing changes in my body and my posture improved.”