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4-Janine before

When I took my first Bar Method class, back in November 2012, I hated it. No joke. My sister, Lee invited me to take a class with her to “try it out.” She thought I’d love it because for years, I’d been practicing yoga and loved it. So, “why wouldn’t I love Bar Method?” I thought?

Rewind a few months. I had just given birth to my second daughter seven months prior. And during five months of my pregnancy, I was on bed rest, right up until the end. As in, on my ass, horizontal for risk that my daughter would come early (which thankfully she didn’t).

So, when I showed up to the beautiful and bright Portland studio, I wasn’t exactly in the best shape of my life. I was still nursing. I had no core strength. And I felt ugly. At the time, I was still wearing braces (yes, adult braces, not fun). And my outfit was screaming out ‘please replace me with something cuter, tighter and more modern.”

I made it through class. Heard my name called out like a gazillion times (or so it seemed). I vowed never to return. And I didn’t. For two months.

“That first trial month was life changing.”

~ Janine

In January 2013, with the New Year upon me, I decided to give Bar Method another try. I signed up for the 30-day trial and thought “ok, let’s give this a shot.”

That first trial month was life changing. I took about three classes a week and slowing but surely, started to feel strong. I started to feel my core again. I started to feel like “I can do this.” Sure, ‘thigh’ kicked my ass. And I wanted to curse at the instructor every time she said “last 30” but I kept with it. And before long, I started to see real results. But what I didn’t know is that along the way, I would achieve personal wins that went beyond what I thought I could do. I continue to be inspired by the women and instructors that make up the Bar Method Portland.

Today, Bar Method classes are a gift to myself. Getting lower in thigh, or breathing deeply through chair make me feel like I can accomplish anything in my everyday life. Staying focused, poised and committed are values I take with me outside the studio.

The Bar Method has given me the opportunity to push myself – to levels I didn’t think I could go. Before, ‘fold over’ was my enemy. Now, I think ‘bring it’ and do my best not to come out of it.

I love being part of this community of women (and some men too, including my hubby who has now too developed an addiction to Bar Method!) who continue to inspire and encourage me to keep moving forward – both in life and in class.

Thank you for giving me this gift!

4-Janine after 3 months

After 3 months