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This is my first Bar Method challenge. Quite frankly, it is my first physical challenge ever. I’m so happy I decided to participate in this challenge because it has been a life- and body-changing experience.

Bar Method has made me stronger in many ways. Thinking back to my first Bar class, I had no core strength; the “Bar Tuck” felt impossible. It was a huge victory the moment I felt my body engage. It was definitely an “ah-ha” moment! My shoulders are stronger now and down where they belong, not up touching my ear lobes. I feel especially accomplished and strong taking the level 2 class now.

I have noticed the biggest difference in my posture.  My 5’1’’ body feels much taller and leaner. My legs have definition and are toned, especially around my knees and inner thighs.  Before Bar, I had pain in my knees. Not only do my knees look defined, I no longer have pain, even after a 12-hour workday.

Through the challenge, I have learned if I tell my brain “I CAN DO IT,“ my body performs. I turned 40 this year, and as far back as I can remember, my body has always been the same shape. I would loose weight and be what I call “skinny fat.” Now I have muscles I didn’t know I had! Bar Method has given me definition in my arms. I no longer have flabby “wings.” I used to think that I couldn’t change certain areas of my body, now I see anything is possible with hard work. I can’t wait to have my best body ever at 41!

1.5-Christine after

“I used to think that I couldn’t change certain areas of my body, now I see anything is possible with hard work.

~ Christine

During the challenge, I have accomplished so much. I am getting more and more flexible everyday. In round back position, my foot can touch the bar. I can hold it high and straight, while taking the L shape. In thigh position, I can get lower and embrace the shake, knowing that change is happening. In seat position, well, let’s just say, my seat has moved up. My husband refers to it as my “Bar Booty,” and he loves it!

My proudest moment was in the locker room after class when a fellow Bar Buddy told me I inspired her in flat back position. She said she lifted her feet because she saw me lift mine. She inspired me right back. I was getting tired and ready to put my feet down when I saw hers’ fly up. We both pushed hard and kept are feet up the whole time, finishing strong. This is one of the many reasons I love Bar Method!

Thank you to the instructors and fellow classmates that make the most wonderful Bar Method Family.